Mee Siam (Rice Vermicelli with Sweet and Sour Gravy)

Mee Siam

Mee Siam

Mee Siam is a Malay traditional snack. It’s main ingredients are vermicelli, salted soybean or taucu (pronounced as tau-cheo), chilli paste, tamarind juice and a little bit of sugar. It is usually garnished with fried beancurd, chives, spring onion, halved calamansi and boiled egg.

It is sour and spicy yet slightly sweet. Confused yet? You have to try it to know what I mean. This dish can be easily found in most Malay foodstalls sometimes even Chinese and normally sold only in the morning as a breakfast meal.

There are many variations of Mee Siam. The most common is the dry version of Mee Siam and Mee Siam with gravy. So as you can guess I will be posting Mee Siam recipe today. Continue reading