Easy Chicken Curry

I have not been updating my blog for a week now. I’ve been busy with Hari Raya celebrations, followed by my younger sister’s engagement ceremony. We hold the ceremony in my home thus we have a lot to prepare before the actual day. The two parties requested for a small affair. It was a simple Hantar Tanda ceremony or Pertunangan.

In a traditional setting, the groom sends his representatives to the bride’s home to negotiate and discuss with the bride’s father until they come to an agreement between the two parties. His representatives are normally elderly relatives. The spokesperson of the representatives is usually a respected elderly male relative. However, in our ceremony,┬áthe groom also turned up with the representative he sent! Hmmm…

The bride’s family is the host receiving the groom’s representatives as guests, and are usually the bride’s parents, senior family members and relatives.

Hantar Tanda ceremony

Parties from the bride and groom discussing the details.

In the ceremony, a ring is presented to the bride to seal the engagement between the bride and the groom. She is now spoken for. During the ceremony the two parties also discussed the dowry, financial commitment for the wedding and approximate date to hold the wedding and state the conditions if a marriage do not materialize after the engagement. There are other matters that may be discussed such as the wedding venue or whether to hold the wedding together as one event, which is quite common nowadays. Continue reading


Kari Ayam (Chicken Curry)

Kari Ayam with warm rice and pappadoms. Yummy.

Kari Ayam with warm rice and pappadoms. Yummy.

This is an Indian dish, a South Indian dish to be more precise and this dish is one of the most often cooked dish in a Malay home. There may be slight variations here and there but the basic ingredients are the same. We have added coconut milk to further flavor the dish and as for the health conscious, the coconut milk can be replaced with cow’s milk or even rice or soy milk. I’ll try to make the dish as simple as possible without compromising on the taste.