I have decided to include the Malay-English glossary for ingredients here. Credits to be given to, an online supermarket for the information.

Malay-English Food Glossary

Malay English Category
Asam Gelugor Tamarind Peel Herbs & Spices
Asam Jawa Tamarind Paste Herbs & Spices
Ayam Chicken Meat
Bawang Besar Onion Fruit & Veg
Bawang Merah Shallots Herbs & Spices
Bawang Putih Garlic Herbs & Spices
Belacan Shrimp Paste Other
Belachan Shrimp Paste Other
Bijan Sesame Seeds Beans & Pulses
Biji Sagu Pearl Sago Beans & Pulses
Bistik Beef-Steak Meat
Blacan Shrimp Paste Other
Blachan Shrimp Paste Other
Bok Nee Black Fungus Other
Buah Keluak Black Nut Beans & Pulses
Buah Keras Candlenut Beans & Pulses
Buah Pala Nutmeg Herbs & Spices
Buah Pelaga Cardamom Herbs & Spices
Bunga Cengkih Cloves Herbs & Spices
Bunga Lawang Star Anise Herbs & Spices
Cili Padi Bird’s Eye Chillies Herbs & Spices
Cuka Vinegar Sauces & Oils
Daun Ketumbar Coriander Leaves Herbs & Spices
Daun Limau Perut Kaffir Lime Leaf Herbs & Spices
Daun Limau Purut Kaffir Lime Leaf Herbs & Spices
Daun Pandan Screwpine Leaf Herbs & Spices
Gula Melaka Palm Sugar Other
Halia Ginger Root Herbs & Spices
Ikan Fish Meat
Itik Duck Meat
Jagung Corn Fruit & Veg
Jintan Manis Fennel Herbs & Spices
Jintan Putih Cumin Herbs & Spices
Kacang Bendi Ladies Fingers (Okra) Fruit & Veg
Kacang Dal Lentils Fruit & Veg
Kacang Hijau Green Mung Beans Beans & Pulses
Kayu Manis Cinnamon Herbs & Spices
Kemiri Candlenuts Beans & Pulses
Ketam Crab Meat
Ketumbar Coriander Seeds Herbs & Spices
Kicap Cair Light Soya Sauce Sauces & Oils
Kicap Manis Sweet Soya Sauce Sauces & Oils
Kicap Pekat Dark Soya Sauce Sauces & Oils
Kicap Tiram Oyster Sauce Sauces & Oils
Kim Chiam Dried Lily Bud Other
Lada Hijau Green Chilli Herbs & Spices
Lada Merah Red Chilli Herbs & Spices
Lada Putih White Peppercorns Herbs & Spices
Lengkuas Galangal Herbs & Spices
Lobak Chinese Radish (Mooli) Fruit & Veg
Pati Santan Thick Coconut Milk Other
Rebong Bamboo Shoot Fruit & Veg
Rebung Bamboo Shoot Fruit & Veg
Santan Coconut Milk Other
Santen Coconut Milk Other
Serai Lemongrass Herbs & Spices
Taucheo Salted Soyabeans Sauces & Oils
Taugeh Beansprouts Fruit & Veg
Teik Kee Dried Beancurd Sticks Other
Terasi Shrimp Paste Other
Terung Aubergine (Eggplant) Fruit & Veg
Timun Cucumber Fruit & Veg
Ubi Kentang Potato Fruit & Veg
Udang Prawn Meat

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