Getting Started..

Honestly, I started out with little knowledge about Malay cooking. I can only recall the painstaking preparations before my mum start cooking for every meal. Back then having a food processor, blender or even a toaster was a luxury for my family. The mortar and pestle, and the batu giling (millstone) were my mum’s best kitchen companions and my worst nightmare.

The thoughts of bits of onion or garlic flying into my eyes and the fiery sting on my fingers after milling red chillies using the batu giling or mortar and pestle still haunts me to this day. I was just about eleven or twelve years old when it became my duty to take over these tasks as my older sisters graduated to more complex tasks in the kitchen. I remembered how I always tried to squirm my way out of these two tasks but always without much success.

Well, those days are forever gone and now, we have every equipment imaginable to help us in the kitchen. So let’s get started.


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