Ulam Pegaga

Ulam Pegaga

Ulam Pegaga

Daun Pegaga are known by many other names. Also known as Indonesian Pegagan, Indian Gotu Kola and its scientific name, Centella Asiatica, it is a herb I used to make Ulam or just eat with sambal belachan. It is normally eaten as a salad with a main dish and warm rice.

Daun Pegaga is known for its health benefits, eaten during confinement, it is said to help tighten and promote smooth skin. I have seen Centella Asiatica as one of the highlighted ingredients in many skincare products. However, the highly visible benefit is the fibre it provide which promotes bowel movement.

Besides just for its health benefit, it taste better than some vegetables eaten raw. You can grow this herb on your own but you won’t be able to yield much. I recalled my dad picking the herbs at his backyard whenever we visit him. When I first tasted it, I requested to bring the live plant home to re-pot and hope to grow it.

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Kueh Lapis Nonya (Steamed Layer Cake)


Kueh Lapis Nonya

Kueh Lapis is a multi-colored layered steamed cake. That’s about how I summed up Kueh Lapis in a nutshell. But I wouldn’t do it justice by stopping here. It has a pleasant pandan (screwpine) fragrance, layers and layers of colors pleasing the eyes of the young and old, a chewy texture that greets you the moment you bite into it and that mildly sweet taste that can satisfy your sweet tooth.

First of all let me clarify that I am referring to the steamed Kueh Lapis, a Nonya delicacy. No one could mistook a Nonya’s Kueh Lapis for something else, it’s signature layers of colors of red, green and white are well-known in Singapore and Malaysia. Continue reading

Kangkung Tumis Belachan (Stir-fried Water Spinach with Shrimp paste)

Stir-Fried Water Spinach with Shrimp Paste

Kangkung Tumis Belachan

This is one of my hubby’s favorite vegetable dish. He’s no veg lover so I try to cook vegetable dishes that he tasted and expressed some liking to when we dined out. And every time we dine out I’m almost always all ears to hear my son’s and hubby’s comments on the dishes we ordered. I will take note of the dish that they liked and how it’s cooked.

Kangkung Tumis Belachan is one such dish that my family enjoys and I often cooked at home. It’s a very simple dish and can be eaten with warm rice or porridge. Continue reading