Kari Ikan Merah (Red Snapper Coconut Curry)

Red Snapper Coconut Curry

Red Snapper Coconut Curry

The fish curry sold in most Indian stalls here in Singapore have thin gravy. It is not as thick as the meat curries. Come to think of it, this could be how it is cooked in South India because most Indian food in Singapore has a South Indian influence. I am not a fan of thin gravy curries thus I seldom buy fish curries sold at the food stalls.

I came across a picture of a fish curry with thick gravy and I was hooked. Moreover, it used my favorite fish, red snapper. I know a picture can be misleading but the recipe is by a Masterchef winner, Shelina Permalloo, a Mauritian at heart, born in the UK. So I gave it a shot since I need something to go with my Lemon & Raisin Rice I just made.

It turned out better than I expected, I made it so hot and spicy but the hubby loved it. He had a second helping of rice and the curry. You can reduce the spiciness by reducing the chillies or leave it out totally but why would you do that!

I have made some adjustments to the recipe due to the amount of fish I used. Please remember, the recipe is just a guideline. You have to keep tasting your food while cooking and adjust the seasoning to get the best taste and consistency. I cooked it a bit longer because I wanted to have a thicker gravy but you need not do so if you find it’s thick enough. Below is the recipe.

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Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (Sting Ray in Spicy and Sour Gravy)

Who says starting a blog is simple? I agree, it is. But maintaining a blog is…hmm. I experienced a mental block yesterday and didn’t know what to write. It would have been easy for me to just post a recipe and that’s it. But I wouldn’t do that to my readers, however few I have. So in search of ideas, I got my gear and went out, hoping that I’ll find something interesting to write about.

stall 1I made my way to the temporary bazaar near my place. It is called Bazaar Ramadhan. Normally I avoid such places at all costs. Why? Because I am fasting and this place is a food paradise during the fasting month. A whiff of the briyani rice and the dendeng in your nostrils is enough to waver even the strong-willed.

So with absolute determination I made my way to the bazaar equipped with my dSLR Nikon camera which in the end I did not use because I was too embarrassed to take it out in case someone thinks that I am showing off. Or maybe it was just me being too self-conscious? So I used my 8.0 megapixel android mobile phone instead. Continue reading

Kari Kepala Ikan (Fish Head Curry)

Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry

Like most of the curry dishes, fish head curry is one of the many curry dishes loved by many. It is more well known notably among Singaporeans. Just head down to Samy’s or Muthu’s or any of the Indian restaurants on Race Course Road for a taste. It’s just sublime and you just can’t help but to associate this dish with ‘you died and go to heaven’ feeling.

The husband just can’t get enough of this dish and often asked us out to eat at any of these restaurants to get his dose of fish head curry.

Since it is such a favorite dish in my family, I headed down to the wet market in the morning to look for red snapper fish head and some ladies fingers. I look forward to go to the wet market near my place. Continue reading

Ikan Goreng Belado (Fried Fish with Chillies)

This is a spicy dish because I am using bird’s eye chillies, you can make it less spicy by replacing with just red chillies.


  • 5-6 yellowtail scad fish or ikan selar
  • 10 bird’s eye chillies or cili padi, grounded
  • 5-6 shallots, grounded
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • Salt & Sugar to taste
  • Cooking oil for frying


Ikan Goreng Belado

Ikan Goreng Belado

  1. Coat the fish with salt and turmeric powder and deep fry till crispy. Set aside.
  2. Reduce the oil in the wok to half.
  3. Mix the grounded chillies, shallots and turmeric powder together and fry the paste in the wok. Fry till the paste is cooked and oil has float to the surface.
  4. Add salt and sugar to taste. Next add the fried fish into the wok and mix well. Once well combined, transfer the coated fish to be served.