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Ummi Aida


PicsArt_1389089140207Between studying in a culinary school, working part-time in a commercial kitchen, keeping up with two young kids, Ummi also blogs and cooks in her spare time. Her area of interests range from cooking, food writing, food styling, food photography, food videography, recipe collector and developer.

Ummi is a native Malay Singaporean, living in the north of Singapore. Always looking for an opportunity to expand her horizon and a go-getter, she’s not afraid of challenges. Willing to explore any cooking or baking opportunities, connect with her at Hangout in Google+ . Her Google+ contact  is +ummiaida

She founded The Malay Kitchen in July 2013 and uses it as platform to write about the Malay culture in Singapore and Malay recipes. She plans to collect more recipes she could try, set up online cooking video series and unravel more Malay culture and traditions. Email her at themalaykitchenonline@gmail.com or connect via The Malay Kitchen Facebook

Ummi’s other food blog Cook ‘n’ Bake Journal, a blog she set up recently to share recipes of non-Malay cuisine. Email her at cooknbakejournal@gmail.com or connect via Cook ‘n’ Bake Journal Facebook

For a more daily update on what she’s up to, follow her on Instagram @ warisanbyummiaida.


5 thoughts on “About and Contact

    • Hi Liz, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m totally new in blogosphere and have a lot to learn myself. I’m no expert in Malay cuisine, just able to get by with everyday dishes that I grew up with and I want to share with other non-Malays who may be interested. No fancy stuff only usual dishes. Currently, I’m reading up on etiquette/ethics in blogosphere cos I’m quite clueless 😛 You dropping by kinda motivates me. Thanks.

  1. The Javanese community in Singapore has some very beautiful dishes. Do you know some of these dishes. I was going to do some research on them but I am now living overseas and not able to carry on.

    • Hi Aminah, while I blog because I love to cook. I dedicated this blog especially for Malay cuisines (including Javanese) and culture here in Singapore. Hope you can share with me what dishes you have in mind. Thanks for dropping by ya 🙂

  2. Hi ummi , i am deeply impressed with your passion for cooking and life. I am a sporean too living in taipei. I love baking and love to do that with my 2 girls. They are older now so i am back to baking alone. I tried many of your recipes and they have satisfied my cravings for local food. Thank you for sharing and keep those yummy recipes flowing…

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